This is...Giulio Rizzo

Giulio Rizzo

I am a 21 yo 🇮🇹 Student. I attend Bocconi University, and I am currently enrolled at third year of BSc in Business Administration and Management 📈. Furthermore, I am on Exchange programme at Essec BBA. Surf on this profile to know more about my hobbies, passions and other more... ✅

My first passion: football ⚽

I have loved football since I was 6 yo. My favourite team is Us Lecce, my home town team. Although that, I also appreciate international football teams, such as Manchester City, Juventus and Liverpool.

Music 🎸 🎧 🔊

I'm also passionate about music: I play guitar and I love rock music. My favourite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers, a Californian 🏄 🌊 90's rock band. I am inspired by its iconic guitarist, John Frusciante, who compesed one of the most significant guitar riffs in the history of Rock Music. I mean Under the Bridge riff. Below, you can understand that.

Enjoy the song

Reading 📚 📰 🗞️ 📖

In the end, I'm also keen on reading. I like to read realistic novels but mostly newspaper and other magazines about culture&society and current affairs.

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